London, 1913. Twelve-year-old Maud Mulligan faces winter on the streets of a docklands slum, until she is kidnapped by factory heiress Lydia Fortune and the avaricious Victor Harmer. The factory is in financial trouble and Mr Mandalay, the world-famous Seer, has foretold of a girl who holds its future in her hands.

Maud can’t understand how she could be that girl—that is, until she discovers a rare and mystical power of her own. Together with the heiress’s daughter, Eleanor Fortune, she learns of Victor Harmer’s role in a deadly explosion and his secret plans for Maud’s future. But is destiny something she can change?

Clairvoyance meets chemistry in this electrifying adventure for older middle grade readers, set against a backdrop of protest and looming war.

Coming soon from Glimmer Press.

Image by Mary Gorobchenko from Pixabay